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What is the pressure vessel plate?

Pressure vessel plates that are used to make pressure vessels. Such vessel plates are required to have certain toughness, certain strength and be able to withstand pressure. There are different types of pressure vessel plate. According to the classification of the composition, there are two types of pressure vessel plate: carbon steel plate and alloy steel plate. According to the strength classification, it can be divided into three types: high pressure, medium pressure and low pressure pressure vessel plate. Finally, according to the scope of use of pressure vessel plates, we can be divided into three types: high temperature, low temperature and medium temperature. No matter what kind of pressure vessel plate is, the process will withstand a certain high temperature and pressure, so the quality of the pressure container plate is very good.

Boiler and pressure vessel plate is the container plate used to make the welded boilers and pressure vessels. The boiler steel plate must not only have a certain strength, but also have a certain ability to withstand impact. There are various material and grades of pressure vessel steel we can suply. Among them, the comprehensive ability of Q345R boiler plate is very good, and the process performance is very good.