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What is the 16Mo3 steel astm equivalent?

  16Mo3 is a an European alloy steel plate.

  Material number: 1.5415

  Generally speaking, 16Mo3 is a Cr-Mo alloy steel. The addition of molybdenum(Mo) not only improves the resistance to pitting corrosion but also significantly enhances creep strength at elevated temperatures. The chromium(Cr) improves the resistance to high-temperature hydrogen attack and graphitization.


  16Mo3steel astm equivalent

16Mo3 Material ASTM Equivalent
Butt Welding Pipe Fittings ASTM A234 WP1
Seamless Pipes ASTM A335 P1
Bars ASTM A217 WC1
Welded Pipe / Plates ASTM A204 Gr.A & Gr. B