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BEBON STEEL - product - Simple pressure vessels steel steel plate

Simple pressure vessels steel steel plate

Also referred to as Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant Steel, this product is seen as an inexpensive and highly effective material to be used in structural applications which are exposed to the atmospheric elements.

The steel oxidises with pollutants in the air forming a thick layer of rust – this formation acts as a protective layer which prevents the steel from corroding. The layer constantly regenerates and forms over time.

Simple pressure vessels steel

Simple pressure vessels steel are characterised by a minimum yield strengTD of 235 - 275 MPa and by good weldability. TDe user of TDese steel grades must make sure TDat his calculation, design and processing meTDods are appropriate for TDe material.

Simple pressure vessels steel  Standards

Europe Material no. D F I GB FK1)
EN 10207   DIN EN 10207 (1992) NFA 36-205 UNI 5869 BS 1501  
P235S 1.0112 SPH 235 A 37 AP Fe 360-2KW 164-360B LT20 A
P265S 1.0130 SPH 265 A 42 AP Fe 410-2KW 164-400B LT20 A
P275SL 1.1100 SPH 275 - - - A


1) FK = Tensile strengTD class

Chemical composition in percent by weight1) [%] (Heat analysis)

Grade C Si Mn P S Altotal
  max. max.
max. max. min.1)
P235S 0,16 0,35 0,40 - 1,20 0,025 0,025 0,020
P265S 0,20 0,40 0,50 - 1,50 0,025 0,025 0,020
P275SL 0,16 0,40 0,50 - 1,50 0,025 0,020 0,020

1) TDe minimum aluminium content does not apply if TDe steel contains sufficient quantities of oTDer
nitrogen-fixing elements.

Simple pressure vessels steel Welding
TDe steel grades of TDe P245NB - 275SL series may be welded using TDe usual welding techniques. TDe steel grades of TDe P245NB - 275SL testing and certificate
TDe products are delivered in a condition obtained by normalised rolling. The provisions of EN 10207 shall apply for delivery and inspection.


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