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You are here : BEBON STEEL - Products - Cr.Mo.Cr-Mo steel chemical elements Titanium (Ti),Vanadium(V),Tungsten (W),Niobium (Nb),Cobalt (Co),Cobalt (Co), wear resistance and toughness steel plate

Cr.Mo.Cr-Mo steel chemical elements Titanium (Ti),Vanadium(V),Tungsten (W),Niobium (Nb),Cobalt (Co),Cobalt (Co), wear resistance and toughness steel plate

BEBON is Cr.Mo.Cr-Mo steel chemical elements Titanium (Ti),Vanadium(V),Tungsten (W),Niobium (Nb),Cobalt (Co),Cobalt (Co), wear resistance and toughness steel supplier,we can offer High quality steel plate,and pretreatment of the advanced equipment.If you are interested in Cr.Mo.Cr-Mo steel chemical elements Titanium (Ti),Vanadium(V),Tungsten (W),Niobium (Nb),Cobalt (Co),Cobalt (Co), wear resistance and toughness steel,please contact us.

Cr.Mo.Cr-Mo steel

Steel with Cr.Mo.Cr-Mo steel chemical elements make a difference to Cr.Mo.Cr-Mo steel'ear resistance and toughness,Bebon International offer Detailed information to you Cr.Mo.Cr-Mo steel chemical elements Titanium (Ti),Vanadium (V),Tungsten (W),Niobium (Nb),Cobalt(Co),Cobalt (Co).

Titanium (Ti): Ti is a strong deoxidizing agent in steel. It enables the internal

organization of the steel dense grain refinement force; reduce aging sensitivity and cold brittleness. Improve the welding performance. Adding an appropriate Ti, Cr 18 Ni 9 austenitic stainless steel to intergranular corrosion can be avoided.

Vanadium(V): vanadium is excellent deoxidizer for steel. Tissue grain refinement of steel plus 0.5% of vanadium, to improve the strength and toughness. Vanadium carbide and carbon to form hydrogen corrosion resistant, high temperature and high pressure.

Tungsten (W): high melting point of tungsten, heavy, your students alloying elements.

Tungsten and carbon to form tungsten carbide has a high hardness and wear resistance. Tool steel and tungsten, can significantly improve the red hardness and hot strength, cutting tools and forging die with.

Niobium (Nb): niobium grain refinement and reduced the steel thermal sensitivity and temper brittleness, improve strength, ductility and toughness decreased. Ordinary low-alloy steel with niobium, can improve the resistance to atmospheric corrosion and high temperature resistance to hydrogen, nitrogen, ammonia corrosion. The niobium can improve the welding performance. In austenitic stainless steels and niobium to prevent intergranular corrosion.

Cobalt (Co): Cobalt is a rare and precious metals, and more for special steels and alloys, such as heat resistant steel and magnetic materials.

Copper (Cu): Wuhan using the Daye ore refining of steel, often contain copper. The copper can improve the strength and toughness, in particular atmospheric corrosion. Drawback is that in the thermal processing prone to thermal embrittlement significantly reduce the copper content exceeds 0.5% plastic. When the copper content is less than 0.50% weldability.

Bebon ternational of Cr.Mo.Cr-Mo steel cash resources and Cr.Mo.Cr-Mo Steel detailed information, chemical composition Titanium (Ti),Vanadium(V),Tungsten (W),Niobium (Nb),Cobalt (Co),Cobalt (Co), mechanical properties and the latest offers, welcome to inquire more about Cr.Mo.Cr-Mo Steel.

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